A profoundly creative process leading to your inner knowing, divinity & Self-empowerment with your shamanic doula, Cindy Miro-Quesada

Experience a vital shift in your Ground of BEING.

As a woman you may not think of yourself as brave, as powerful, as creative, as visionary, as artist, as medicine woman, as phoenix, as goddess, as being enough... yet you are, beloved sister.

You are worthy and deserving of expressing your fully empowered Divine Feminine Self in the world.

Awaken your Divine Feminine KNOWING and POWER.

As the Divine Feminine you have been subjugated within the folds of domination, supremacy, cruelty, control, and abuse which have manifested in myriad gross and subtle ways for millennia within our lives.

Fulfill your incarnational purpose as the hands, heart, and voice of the Goddess to reclaim the original cultural relevance of the Divine Feminine to heal the degradation and destruction of Pachamama.

Your GODDESSES are prepared to reveal themselves.

As a daughter you hear your true Mother calling and long to find her. You yearn to belong, to be loved, to be in relationship with the Divine. You know it is somehow possible to access the celestial realms of the Goddess and you need a guide. 

Trust the initiatory process and you will develop an eternal relationship with your seven unique Goddess Midwives/Mothers who shall walk side-by-side with you from your birth forward.

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“She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” in the sky.”

~ Monique Duva

Your Shamanic Doula Cindy Miro-Quesada

“My knowing as your shamanic doula is borne from my love of the earth and the sky, strengthened by my passion for empowering women and manifested as your guide to the Pleiadian Star system... which serves as your Cosmic Womb.”



The Nine Lunar Transmissions of Goddess Initiation

Encounter the Seven Sisters of the Pleiadian star system who will comprise your cosmic womb, both holding and nurturing your personal experiences and transformation over the next nine moons. Both your physical and cosmic womb shall be seeded with the Goddess DNA of your Divine Feminine Self.

Meeting your seven unique Goddess Midwives/Mothers is an experience that requires deep humility, reverence, focus and TRUST in the process as your seven sacred Goddess Midwives introduce themselves to you for the first time. This is the beginning of a life-long relationship between you and your Midwives/Mothers.

Discover, name and offer your full array of medicine powers and virtues to your Goddess Midwives for alchemical transformation within the celestial realms. Journey to remember the art of divination using a scrying pool to dive deeply into the reflection of your personal medicine gifts.

Deepening your relationship with your Goddess Midwives requires you to move beyond their archetypal nature and into deep communion with the full range of their divine attributes through a meditative and inquisitive communication technique.

Engaging your accrued depth of perceptual and intuitive abilities, you will identify the ideal Goddess Midwife corresponding to the energetic field and core qualities of the Seven Sacred Directions of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition cosmovision.

Identify all remaining doubts, insecurities and conditioned resistances to accepting yourSelf as a divine and worthy Daughter of the Goddesses. Dive deeply into the reflection of your remaining core shadow work for their final transformation into the Phoenix.

Merge with the wombs of your Midwives as they reveal themselves as your true Goddess Mothers.

8th Moon  NESTING
Turn deeper inward to encounter any area that is still needing attention in final preparation for the birth of your fully empowered Divine Feminine Self. Experience a much needed Cosmic Spa immersion as you begin to lovingly accept your true divinity.

Receive your final transmission of the White Lotus from your seven Goddess Mothers. Give birth to the fully empowered Divine Feminine version of your Self as a sister of the White Lotus Temple, knowing your incarnational purpose as the hands, heart, and voice of the Great Cosmic Mother.

To honor the rhythms of the moon within, every 28 days you will receive an email outlining ways to prepare for your class as well as notifying you that your assets are available on the Course Homepage.

This pacing will allow you time to integrate the transmissions and engage with the deepening practices each month which include a journal assignment, a creative project, and a ceremonial practice. 

Remember Yourself as an Initiated Sister of the White Lotus Temple Mystery

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They are designed to encourage your innate creativity while deepening your relationship between your Goddess Midwives and your emergent Divine Feminine Self. The more time you spend on them, the fuller your initiation experience will be.

This initiatory process will not be handed to you, but revealed through your own discovery as you journey into your cosmic womb. You will encounter goddesses long forgotten, newly remembered, tried and true.

About Cindy Miro-Quesada

Cindy is passionate and dedicated in her service to others, whether in person, in spirit or with populations at large in the natural world. She brings a lifetime of skills to these relationships, including the balance of power between creativity/intuition (the moon) and rational/logical (the sun). An adept at holding sacred space for large groups of spiritual seekers and community members both in-person and on-line, she has been leading shamanic journeys for two decades with a primary focus on women and children.
Cindy began her apprenticeship in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition with don Oscar Miro-Quesada in 1999 and has been co-creating shamanic initiations within the tradition since 2005. She has been at the center of The Heart of the Healer since 2005, first as a long-term board chair and member and currently as visionary creative director and managing member of Team Stellar. There are few things more important to her than the health and wholeness of any community of which she is a part. She resides in south Florida with her husband Oscar Miro-Quesada, their two cats, and a one-of-a-kind ceremonial medicine lodge.

What Participants have to say about Goddess Initiation

Cindy’s initiation journeys were deep, vivid and profound. The Deepening Practices were offered with high expectations and gentle support to find our own unique expression for these potent tasks. Finding my own unique tribe of seven Goddesses to be my midwives, birthmothers and life long companions is truly magical – a gift every woman should give herself!

Cindy has created a unique, powerful and creative initiation process to awaken your Divine Feminine wisdom and power. It connects you to an internal wisdom that had been lost among the personal, societal and corporate notions that keeps us contained and limited. Goddess Initiation awakens your creativity, wisdom and divinity as a daughter of your Goddess Mothers.

Goddess Initiation includes:

  • Discovering your 7 unique Goddess Midwives
  • A deep dive into your well of creativity
  • Remembering yourself as a high priestess
  • 9 vivid and profound shamanic journeys
  • 9 in-depth wisdom transmissions
  • 27 powerfully intentional & creative Deepening Practices
  • 9 class recordings
  • 27 mid-class communications
  • Access to an intimate online community

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1% of your registration will be pledged to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.